Top 5 home décor trends

When it comes to design a home, searching for creative ideas and design trends is the first step. Here are 5 of the top trends that will help you creating a modern & lively space.

1. Colours 

Interiors can’t do without adding colors. Blues, reds and greens to be used in particular. Using these bold shades throughout your walls, furniture and accessories is the trend. Also, colorful rugs, throw pillows and blankets are a good way to get in on the trend. While neutral color shades still are used in some portion of your home in the background. Adding color to a cooking space is also the next big thing.


2. Ceilings and floors

Bold colors and geometric patterns on ceilings and floors are in trends this year. This is a great way to make a statement without going overboard. Wallpapering, tiling and painting the ceiling can be done to make it stand out. Flooring with colorful and patterned tiles sets the mood of a place making it unique in a subtle style.


3. Plant patterns

Decorating your living space with textured plants adds that tropical feel and greenery to your place. Even leaf patterns on wallpapers, cushions, are quite in trend and can add texture to living room interiors. Plant patterns are a great way to bring a tropical vibe, vibrant designs and colors to your home interiors. They are also the cheapest way to give your room a new life.


4. Wallpapers

Modern wallpaper adds the next level of coolness to your home as now wallpapers have more variety than ever as they are printed digitally now. Use of mesmerizing wallpapers is a great way to add a twist to the whole space and can replace artworks which clutter the walls. Popular wallpaper includes landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colorful geometric patterns.


5. Natural materials

Natural materials like wood and stone have been used in the past also as they mimic nature’s look. These are again coming in trend spaces look more authentic and unique.

Natural wood can be used in different ways in your home design and different stone like pebbles, granite, marble can be used in various ways adding different natural feel to the room.