World Bazaar launches daybed collection from Skyli...

World Bazaar launches daybed collection from Skyline Design

World Bazaar, a premier importer of high-end outdoor furniture and accessories from European countries expands its product brood with a stunning collection from the Spanish design powerhouse.

Skyline Design manufactures and designs luxury outdoor furniture. All of the Skyline collections are created using only the finest weaving materials such as Viro™, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene & Polystrand to produce high quality, lightweight and weather-resistant styles. These synthetic fibers are boldly revolutionizing design providing chemical and UV resistant, all-weather proof, high-tensile strength furniture that is safe for the environment and 100% recyclable. Skyline Design incorporates innovative design, lasting quality and customer service as the cornerstone of its international brand.

According to Mr. Randip Dhingra, MD and CEO, World Bazaar, “As a purveyor of luxury outdoor furniture, we are always seeking brands that bring the same sense of sophistication and comfort as we are used to inside our homes and daybeds from Skyline offer the best of both to perfection. Skyline daybeds are statement pieces in themselves that are designed to enhance and furnish natural surroundings. The idea of these daybeds is to enable the users to enjoy their outdoor space spontaneously. Skillfully crafted using the finest weaving materials such as Viro™, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene, and Polystrand—the daybeds are as innovative as they are eye-catching. Able to withstand extreme weather conditions, Skyline daybeds are finished with weather and chemical resistant materials that allow for easy maintenance.

The Skyline daybeds range represents the ideal synthesis of hard-wearing utility and beauty and has transformed the outdoor spaces of many design connoisseurs across the globe.