GRAFF introduces Luxurious MOD+ Collection for Bat...

GRAFF introduces Luxurious MOD+ Collection for Bathrooms

GRAFF, the manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the opulent MOD+ Collection. A comprehensive collection of faucets, tub fillers and shower components epitomising modern luxury, weaving iconic threads of colour, material and functionality together, for a design that is undeniably distinct in versatility and aesthetic. The collection includes several products with boundless opportunities to mix and match finishes and surfaces for endless versatility. Matching the exuberant designs, the variety offered is striking. The handle covers are available in marble finishes – Black, White, Green- and in brass. The brass selection can be further elevated with the application of any of GRAFF’s eighteen signature finishes.

This collection offers utmost quality and innovation with elevated designs. The classic simplistic styling is irresistible, topped by polished and effortless action. Each product of the collection is shaped into a confident stoic body, which perfectly matches everything from classic to modern décor. This is the most versatile collection by GRAFF and it stands out in the bathroom engaging immediately with impressive aesthetics.

The MOD+ handle covers are offered in pure marbleand eighteen stunning brass finishes for unending customizable combinations. All products are equipped with thoughtfully manufactured brass bases and knurled detailing, mixed to create a cohesive focal point for the bath. The deliberate use of stark elegant contrasts between the brass finishes, marble handles, and a clip on the side of each handle, creates exemplary movement and an additional opportunity for customization. The unremitting design featured in the collection’s faucets, tub fillers and shower components exude European elegance.



Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with locations throughout Europe, GRAFF is globally recognized for its trend-setting products and unique vision. Supported since 1922 by extensive plumbing and hardware manufacturing experience, GRAFF has positioned itself at the forefront of design creating collections for the luxury bathroom and kitchen markets. Utilizing the latest manufacturing technology and thanks to a tradition of old-world craftsmanship, GRAFF’s commitment to creating cutting-edge, and premium-quality collections is evident in each and every product. GRAFF employs over 1000 dedicated professionals and has total control over the full production process, making it a truly vertically-integrated manufacturer.

GRAFF’s parent company, Meridian International Group, comprised of several business units. Meridian strategically combines a strong European OEM faucet and valve production history with over 30 years of American excellence in OEM machined parts. Meridian’s prestigious customer portfolio includes many global plumbing companies as well as the number one American manufacturer of motorcycles.