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Calicut Based Architecture Studio Humming Tree Sweeps Three National Awards At IIID Design Excellence Awards 2019

Humming Tree, an architecture studio based in Calicut, under the creative direction of two Co-founders Ar. Mohammed Afnan and Ar. Arun Shekar sweeps three National and four Zonal awards at IIID Design Excellence Awards 2019. It received the prestigious ‘Young Practice of the Year’ award at the National level. The awards were conferred upon Humming Tree under various categories for its design excellence.

In Zone Z1 that represented the interior designers from South India, the Humming Tree won in the categories of ‘Commercial Workplace Small’ and ‘Young Practice of the Year’ and were runner-up in the ‘Retail’ category. They were also presented with the National awards in the same categories and received a commendation in the category of ‘Hospitality’ at the Zonal level. The awards were given to Ar. Mohammed Afnan and Ar. Arun Shekar on the 30th of September 2020 at the IIID Design Excellence Awards 2019. The projects for which they swept the awards were Paddock – Car Exhibit Space, Holiday Home – By the Hills in Wayanad and “Limotex” Hello Yellow/Workspace. It is the most coveted award given to an interior designer in India by the apex body IIID.

The ongoing projects that the creative studio is presently working on are VPS Lakshore Hospital (Cochin), VPS Laskshore Medical Center (Calicut), Myg Digital Hub (Kerala), Residence in Manali, Chennai and Bangalore, Residence in Paris and Flora Vythiri Resorts Wayanad.

With the team of passionate architects, Humming Tree has moved on the basis of incessantly exploring architectural quintessence by measuring projects on their impacts as a rational and inclusive dialogue among context, geometry and visual expression.