3D printed design concept for Venice Beach flower ...

3D printed design concept for Venice Beach flower shops

Designed by Kshitij Bhende

The studio began with a process of digitally extracting details from the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown.

With a 3D scanning app, composing new formal collages through digitally modelling the objects and materializing the Collage. This process was later followed by 3d printing parts that were scanned.

Dipped in liquid plastic, the 3D printed object present new formal interpretations for the functions it can offer as a Flower Shop in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

The final designs are Flower Shops in different parts of the city, designed through the formal qualities gained through the multiple processes of the studio.


Architecture/ Design Student: Kshitij Bhende

Project: Abstract

College/Institute: Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles


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