TISAUREA, the trunk by Ludovica Mascheroni

TISAUREA, the trunk by Ludovica Mascheroni

Ludovica Mascheroni, Italian company specialized in luxury furniture and interior design, looks to September and to the autumn season, when the days begin to shorten, comes back the desire to live the house as a warm and welcoming refuge and you want a moment all to yourself, dedicated to the preparation of a hot tea or a relaxing or purifying herbal tea.

For these moments, the brand has created TISAUREA, the trunk designed for the ritual of tea and herbal teas. It is an elegant bleached ash cupboard composed of a Michelangelo marble top with a stainless steel water sink, wooden shelves, nabuk details, sophisticated wallpaper and internal LEDs.

Like all the furnishings by Ludovica Mascheroni, TISAUREA is also completely handmade by the company’s artisans and can be customized according to customer requests.
«We wanted to create – explain Fabio Mascheroni and Roberta Caglio, founders and owners of Ludovica Mascheroni brand – a piece of design completely dedicated to the ritual of tea and herbal teas, which can enhance not only our craftsmanship but also celebrate the time dedicated to the well-being of our body and mind. Tisaurea is an invitation to enjoy time, the most precious one, that is, the one dedicated to ourselves, an invitation to cultivate beauty and well-being».

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