Exquisite Reading Nooks

Delhi-based interior designer and stylist Sanjyt Syngh, known for his bold and creative ideas, throws open some exclusive, intimate reading nooks that make staying isolated in a corner with your favorite book all the more attractive, and even glamorous.

Is there a better way to escape from the mundane than be cocooned in a beautiful corner with a book? As we are sequestered at home, fortunately, most of us have reclaimed our love for reading and the solace it offers.

“With the current confinement to our homes, the concept of home has taken on a new meaning. We are not going out to restaurants, bars and coffee shops so it is important to bring them home. I propose we create beautiful nooks to enjoy the pleasure in the comfort of our home. After a long day of exposure to your laptop screen, one of the most satisfying ways to wind down is curling up with a good book,” says the designer.

Find inspiration from these stunningly exquisite reading corners designed by Sanjyt Syngh, and learn how to make yours inviting. Here are his ingredients for a cosy nook:

* An ultra comfortable chair.

* A luxurious throw is as important as a good book.
* A down feather cushion can give you the comfort to be hooked to Instagram for hours.
* Ambient lighting can be in the form of a lamp.
* A side table for that cup of coffee or that whiskey sour.
* A footstool to add comfort.

With a bit of thought, and smart use of colour and patterns, these nooks can become a highlight area in your space. Coordinate your drapes with your upholstery and extend them to the walls with fabric paneling for a luxurious look.

With all this in place, now all you need is that book.

About Sanjyt Syngh:

 The Delhi-based designer and stylist did his undergrad at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and worked with some amazing designers and architects for a decade there, before moving to London for his post-graduation. He then returned home and founded Sanjyt Syngh Design Consultancy. As the Creative Director of his company, he takes on many roles. While the creative preneur is based out of New Delhi, he creates work that you can see anywhere in the world.

The body of his work encompasses residences, offices, showrooms, exhibition displays, gyms and restaurants. Having done projects across India in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, he is currently helming projects in Dubai. His firm has had the honour of being named as one of The Top Interior Designers of the World twice by Andrew Martin Interior Design Review in year 2016 and 2018. Two gyms designed by them have won the best gym in India, and the best gym in the world amongst some 3,000 entries. They received the 2019 Elle Décor India Design ID Top 50. They have also been named as the Top 50 Next iGen Designers 2019.