Johnson Tiles launches Smart tiles and a Experienc...

Johnson Tiles launches Smart tiles and a Experience Centre at Pune

Johnson Tiles' Experience Centre launch

H & R Johnson India, a division of Prism Johnson Ltd, recently opened its 2nd exclusive Experience Centre at Pune, in Maharashtra. The occasion was also marked by the launch of ‘Smart Series’ tiles for which the leading ceramic tiles manufacturer recently received the “Superbrand’ status in India.

The unique and large showroom is thematically designed with product application mock-ups and is branded as ‘House of Johnson Experience Centre’. Located at Sable House, Satara Road this company showroom has a collection of over 2500 tiling concepts, sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and engineered stones which makes it one-stop-shop to choose high quality, durable and stylish products for interiors.

Johnson smart tiles used on wall and flooring

The showroom was inaugurated by H & R Johnson’s CEO and ED Mr. Sarat Chandak. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sarat Chandak, ED & CEO of H & R Johnson (India) said, “Johnson has long held a strong belief in the philosophy of relentless innovation to pioneer the future of the categories we deal in. The new generation Experience Centers will completely elevate the buying and selection process for Lifestyle products being a one-stop-shop for planning & designing residential as well as commercial spaces.”

The brand has become a pioneer of many innovations in the tiling industry. And most of these innovations can be found in their exclusive experience center located on Satara Road, Pune. Bringing all the products from Johnson under one roof, this Experience Centre boasts of the widest range of tiles for all different spaces, including residential interiors, exteriors, parking areas, commercial spaces and industrial spaces.

Recently, Johnson was in the news when their Brand Ambassador and Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif launched Johnson International collection of sanitary ware and bath-fittings in an event at Goa.

‘What is meant by smart tiles?’

H & R Johnson’s Marketing Head Mr. Dinesh Vyas said, “While it is very well known that good tiles mean beauty and durability, our relentless focus on innovation and customer aspirations has helped us make ‘smart tiles’, which deliver more than what is commonly available and expected. We have created and launched our patented ‘Anti-Microbial’ tiles for walls and flooring. These germ-Free tiles do not allow dangerous bacteria to grow on your floor or wall and at the same time, the surfaces remain absolutely safe to human touch. Similarly, to deal with Electrostatic Discharge Hazards, we have launched Anti-Static Tiles. Not only this, our Endura Cool-roof tiles are certified high SRI (Solar Reflective Index) tiles which keep the rooms below the roof much cooler in peak summer climate. The list of smart tiles is long and these products can be seen closely by customers and specifiers in person”.

As pioneers in the business of tiling, H & R Johnson (India) has always sought to push boundaries of defining lifestyles with their world-class products and innovations. With a focus on the key lifestyle elements of health, hygiene, concern for the environment and safety, Johnson is transforming the way consumers choose tiles with their unique offerings like the Germ-Free glazed vitrified large format tiles & slabs that are a technically superior alternative to imported Italian marble, stain-free tiles, anti-skid floor and staircase solutions, environment-friendly solar reflective roof tiles that reduce the need for cooling appliances.

Mr. Vyas further told the media “Many people ask me how tiles can be a lifestyle product and they are not wrong till we tell them the value proposition Johnson is offering. We take health, safety and concern for the environment as a highly crucial element of modern-day lifestyle. All our Smart Tile products are aligned with these elements. For example, while Antimicrobial Tiles bring healthier environment around us, the anti-skid and Anti-static smart tiles add safety in the physical sense. Another important element of today’s lifestyle is – making informed decisions. The Architect and Designers community in Pune have Global exposure on products and the majority of them seek products that are not run of the mill. Johnson brings global aesthetics and lifestyle features like – Anti-microbial and Stain-resistant advantages along with a subtle, stylish and trendy collection of wall and floor tiles as well as bathroom products and engineered stones at a single spot saving their precious time in the selection process.”

With a focus on specific benefits for consumers, Mr. Vyas said “The prime objective of this experience center is to guide the consumer in selecting the right product for their home which is challenging as there are hundreds of similar-looking tiles in the market with very little relevant and authentic information. Consumers in and around Pune will get to see the widest range of products by any single reputed brand in the city. A visit to House of Johnson will make consumers realize that at a small premium, people can get a high-value product from the most trusted Johnson Brand. We have a complete new and wide range of products at a reasonable price”

He further added “Architects and Interior Designers are increasingly helping the end-users to create aesthetics and comfort in the new or under renovation space and they look out for products which are latest, trendy and have International appeal and promote hygiene along with being eco-friendly. Johnson has introduced a new generation category of tiles which are Stain-Free and Germ-Free as well.” 

Johnson smart tiles shown in a bathroom space

With approximately 3000 products, Johnson has a range of tile options for all spaces. From residential and commercial to industrial spaces, Johnson has tiling solutions apt for all application areas for walls and floors that include special features that make the tiles durable and easy to maintain. Johnson also has a range of specialty tiles that include anti-static tiles that ground electricity, tactile designed to help the visually impaired navigate, durable and beautiful landscape tiles that can stand the wear and tear of outdoors.

Pune’s House of Johnson does not only present best in class international quality tiles, but also has select, reasonably priced high-quality Sanitary ware, Bath fittings and Engineered Marble and Quartz. All related categories from Johnson under one roof also result in time-saving for consumers and specifiers.

About H & R Johnson (India)

Established in 1958, H & R Johnson (India), a division of Prism Johnson Ltd. (Formerly Prism Cement Ltd.) is the pioneer of ceramic tiles in India. Over the past six decades, H & R Johnson has added various product categories to offer complete solutions to its customers. Today, H & R Johnson enjoys the reputation of being the only entity in India to offer end-to-end lifestyle solutions covering Tiles, Sanitaryware & Bath Fittings, Engineered Marble and Quartz. For Tiles, Johnson has four sub-brands i.e. Johnson Tiles, Johnson Porselano, Johnson Marbonite and Johnson Endura that offer end to end tiling solutions for every space and application. Johnson Bathrooms offer complete solutions in bathrooms ranging from sanitaryware, faucets, accessories and wellness products. Johnson Marble & Quartz offer a range of products in engineered marble and quartz. H & R Johnson has 13 tile manufacturing plants (including Joint Ventures) across the country and 2 plants for Bathroom CP fitting products.


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