Top Home Décor tips for this rainy season

Top Home Décor tips for this rainy season

Rainy season home decor tips

Yes, it’s raining cats and dogs outside and it is that time of the year when you just want to be at home, get cozy in your bed and sip some hot coffee but this is also the time to arrange your home and be prepared to welcome the monsoon season. We have a few home décor tips for this rainy season giving home decoration ideas that will make you and your adobe more cheerful this monsoon.

1. Colours and freshness of nature

Colourful flowers for rainy season

Add some colour to your home by incorporating some fresh blossoms placed in glass vases inside. This will not only make your space more vibrant but also gives it a pleasing appearance. Putting some green plants in your adobe will also do the magic. Add some house plants by placing them in beautiful colored ceramic pots.

Flowers and green plants for rainy season

2. Bright Linens and Cushions

Colourful Cushions and Linen for rainy season
Set the monsoon season with colours and brightness by simply adding coloured fabrics and cushions to your living space. Opt for cushion covers with bright colour shades like yellow, orange and blue. Avoid the cottons and velvets as these fabrics tend to soak up more moisture leaving an unpleasant smell. This will help you in keeping the dampness in control.

3. Scented CandlesScented candle for rainy season
The scented candles will help you get rid of the foul smell caused due to dampness. These candles not only makes your room smell fresh by their aroma but also add warmth and set the mood by lighting up the place. You may also opt for candle lamps and oil diffusers.

4. High-Absorbent Doormats
High absorbent Doormat for rainy season
If you are still using your old doormat it’s time to buy high-absorbent doormats this rainy season to avoid dirt and mud. carpets as they can easily attract mold. You can also make doormats from waste clothes in attractive colours and designs.

5. Umbrella Holder

Umbrella holder for rainy seasons
Your wet umbrellas need a place to hide and an umbrella stand can surely make your life easy. Place your umbrellas in the stand to avoid the water trail and to organize them at one corner of your home entrance. You can choose from various designs or colours to add some aesthetics to the décor and be functional at the same time.

These small home decor tips for the rainy season will surely help you decorating as well as maintaining your home during this monsoon.