Orproject builds waving walls for Amit Aggarwal fl...

Orproject builds waving walls for Amit Aggarwal flagship store

Designers : Christoph Klemmt, Rajat Sodhi, Ananya Kango; Orproject, New Delhi

Project : Waving Walls, Amit Aggarwal’s Flagship Store, New Delhi.

Orproject was asked to design a partition system for fashion designer Amit Aggarwal’s flagship store in New Delhi. Amit Aggarwal’s work is known for its use of novel materials and the textures, transparencies and reflections it creates through custom fabrics and sculpted dresses. In designing for our client’s boutique, it was our aim to complement his approach by creating similar textures, transparencies and reflective spaces at an architectural scale. We therefore applied our research into complex patterns and geometries to the creation of a unique shopping experience.

Based on the programmatic requirements within the store, the flowing spatial divisions are positioned to separate different areas across the space. These walls are designed as architectural-scale waving fabrics out of reflective sheet material that is hung from the ceiling. Through the different curvature and spacing of the panels they create shimmering light reflections and varying opacities and transparencies depending on the point of view.

While moving across the spaces, the visitors experience passing silhouettes, fleeting glimpses and exaggerated and diminished reflections. The flowing walls form the background to Amit Aggarwal’s similarly flowing and evocative collection of dresses.