Harley Davidson store transfigured from an old war...

Harley Davidson store transfigured from an old warehouse in Delhi

Designed by Sapras Architects

An old warehouse lying redundant for the past two decades is converted into an Iconic facility for an Iconic Brand, Harley Davidson. When the process started with the probable Harley Davidson store, it was more like restoring our architectural history, by keeping the old warehouse in the middle of the city that’s still breathing. The intent of this design is to take advantage of the warehouse classic architecture, retain natural light influx and utilize a combination of vintage and raw materials and finishes.

Minute detailing is done to make sure the Customer experience is functional, unique and impactful. Careful mix of raw materials in their natural forms is used extensively to make the place gritty and to infuse it with wholesome spirit.

The exterior is crafted with textured exposed brick walls retaining the Warehouse North Light design silhouette. A large metal frame work holding the ‘Bar & Shield’ logo with metal framed canopy atop the main entrance and large sections of glass curtainwall showcase the motorcycles within.

The interior retail space is designed to provide a dynamic blend of old style warehouse and industrial styles. Three full size Freight containers are used to create a mezzanine apt for HOG (Harley Owners Group) riders to hang their boots while their bikes are being serviced or to plan another unforgettable bike ride of their lives.

The walls feature extensive Harley-Davidson artwork along with sections of old bricks painted in lighter tones to highlight the heavier and dark warehouse ceiling trusses. Overhead, the extra-large industrial fans, the steel structure, duct work and piping are left raw and exposed to enhance the industrial feel.

The North light of the ware house has been kept intact which throws in diffused natural light throughout the day complimenting the bikes and other displays. Overall, it has the modern industrial look for its gritty, wholesome spirit, and also for its eclectic charm.


Architects: Sapras Architects

Project Name: Harley Davidson – Mayapuri Design Concept

Location: Mayapuri, Delhi, India

Architect in Charge: Romesh Sapra

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