Designer Apparel Store designed with a blend of vi...

Designer Apparel Store designed with a blend of vintage looks and modern styled decor

Designed by Beyond The Line

This designer store embraces maximalism throughout it’s design as Less is more, but less is boring sometimes. The client wanted the store to reflect sophistication with a touch of royalty.

The client had many artefacts that had to be integrated in the spaces while designing, posing a challenge of striking a balance of aesthetics without overweighing it with clutter. The core idea was to make a modern store with royal features and rustic artefacts giving it an attribute of timelessness. The spaces that had to be ensembled in this allegory were the designers cabin and resting area at the centre, workshop at the rear end in a way that it is unperturbed by the customers, the display area at the entrance creating a panoramic plethora of apparels that are to be sold.

The entrance announces its presence with bright blue coloured glass door besides floating display window. There is a second layer to the entrance marked by the installation of a vintage fixed door that was the identity of the client’s erstwhile store reinterpreted in the new boutique by a welcoming reception. The flooring is done in white mosaic which further gets extended in the reception table making it a flowing canvas by which the space gets defined.

The colour scheme is dominated by a mute shade of grey which brings to the retail clothing experience the clarity and openness of a gallery setting. The apparels dictate a myriad of colours on it and needs to be emphasised which is conveniently done by the neutral background selected by the architect.

Overall the interiors speak a language of chic modernity contrasted by bygone aesthetic vocalising a timeless space which invites customers to explore and invigorate their senses through artistic interpretation of garments.


Architect Firm: Beyond The Line

Project Name: Fashionably Royal

Location: Ghod Dod Road, Surat, Gujarat

Area: 900 SQ.FT.

Status: Completed in May 2019

Architect in Charge: Ar. Dhwani Naik


Additional Credits

PhotographsAr. Prachi Khasgiwala

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