Spacious apartment with a magnificent green balcon...

Spacious apartment with a magnificent green balcony

Apartment's green balcony to relax and glance the city

Designed by Studio Elements

The voguish interiors of this spacious apartment embraces the style of a new generation home that combines elegance with ease of use and nature friendliness. The premium apartment designed in an elaborate space in Mumbai. The design is made in such a way that it doesn’t create a jarring effect and a green balcony that is one of the highlights of this high-rise apartment.

Living cum dining room cum kitchen with chandeliers and lighting

There is a pure and beautiful merging of nature and sophisticated elegance in the design. The creatively done false ceilings, the creative lighting, the magnificent fixtures and the perfect blend of greenery in the open areas of this spacious apartment creates a warm spot for family get together and bonding.

Living area with chandelier and lights on top of dining table with a full size glass window

Big balcony of the luxurious apartment with a sitting area and a city view

There is a beautiful well ventilated effect and a nice mix of natural lighting and artificial lighting in the spacious house. The grand chandeliers add an old world charm and grandiose to the design. The bedroom comprise of modish designer walls with complimenting light effects and line patterns highlighting the modern décor effectively. The spacious apartment comprise of a huge balcony that features sitting areas with balcony chairs on the wooden floor under a sheltering umbrella, green spaces and artificial grass carpetted floor and a great top view of the city.

Contemporary bedroom with many lights and unique bedrest

Each bedroom has a unique design and interiors. Lighting and chandeliers also play an important part in enhancing looks of the room – like the ceilings combined with light fixures are designed differently for every room. Stylish wallpapers are used in every space giving every room a different identity.

Nice looking bedroom of the apartment

The master bedroom has wooden flooring and contemporary wallpaper with patten design and subtle colors. A distintive lounge sofa chair is placed at one corner of the room that looks quite elegant. Every element of the design appears to be carefully picked, well thought and adds a well-coordinated symphony effect.


Designers: Studio Elements

Project Name: One Avignah

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Area: 8000 SQ.FT. (Build-up area)

Designer in Charge: Trupti Puranik

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