Pune luxurious apartment with trendy interiors and...

Pune luxurious apartment with trendy interiors and stylish décor

Designed by Imagination Inc.

Keeping in mind the design principles of their brand 24K, we were asked to create a stylish, spacious, trendy yet classy apartment. One that would appeal to varied personalities of 35 years and above. The client would showcase the apartment to demonstrate the lavish lifestyle that prospective clients would enjoy at 24K Atria.

The master bedroom is designed keeping in mind the luxury and style of the entire project. The entire wall behind the bed is cladded with teakwood batons finished with a rich dark brown polish in three levels, backlit with LEDs which form an abstract art work and a stylish feature wall. The comfortable blue chair sets the perfect mood for an evening coffee and adds a pop of colour along with the orange cushions which pair well with the room.

We sourced furniture and accessories from all over the world reflecting the well- travelled and informed prospective clients. We have used elements from Milan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Mumbai and so on. Furniture has been customised if we were unable to find the perfect one.

To connect the kitchen and the dining in a seamless way, a hide-away serving window was created. We identified and carved out a shoe coat room at the entrance, which is masked with an elegant customised sliding mirror door. Our client appreciated this concept and has decided to incorporate it in the entire project.

The walk-in wardrobe has open shelves and storages finished with a classy wooden finish laminate. The framework and hanger rods for the open wardrobe are all made in brass keeping in touch with predominant design in the bedroom.

The second master bedroom is designed with an overall blush pink theme which is balanced by the brown lounge chair and a few colourful cushions. The wall behind the bed has a suede finished panelling with brass inlayed lines in a crisscross pattern. The simple and stylish pendant lights on either side of the bed compliment the head board perfectly.

Coming to the bedrooms, the guest bedroom has been carved out in sober shades of grey and white with white blending the two colours, which appeal to all age groups with a quirky tan bed and a tan chair as contrasting elements to the neutral coloured room. A trendy art piece adorns the wall behind the bed in an off centre position which adds as a dollop of style to the ambience.

The fourth room is a multipurpose room which can serve either as an entertainment room or a study room. The aim was to make a clutter- free zone with a minimal furniture and a cosy ambience. An abstract pattern made with hues of green on the walls form an interesting element in an otherwise simple room along with neutral coloured furniture and accessories. The room consists of an eye-catching bright blue lounge chair and a golden finished bookshelf which breaks the monotony of the room.

Design Studio: Imagination Inc.

Project Name: 24K Atria

Location: Pune

Area: 2,600 SQ.FT.

Status: Completed in April 2018

Designer in Charge: Shriya Kolte


Additional Credits

PhotographsRitika S.