Mumbai’s high-rise apartment with indoor-outdoor c...

Mumbai’s high-rise apartment with indoor-outdoor connect

Designed by KNS Architects

The apartment designed for a nature loving family is intended to create a seamless connect with the outdoors. Designed as a white canvas the interiors reflect elements from the nature. The layout of this apartment is cohesive with a partial open plan thereby creating a visual connect between the living and rest of the spaces as the owner of this luxury apartment wanted the outdoor elements to be bought in to his home.

The home has clear zones for the hallway, kitchen, lounge and bedrooms. The straight line plan ensures the public spaces open up the balconies and terraces making the indoor-outdoor connect seamless. To soften the effect of white and to bring in freshness a vertical garden has been introduced. The green brightens the interiors and adds an interesting dimension to the space. 

The master bedroom has been designed with a splash of yellow to add in an element of fun to the otherwise muted tones. Whereas a deep shade of burgundy is used in the movie room to create a warm and relaxed environment to lounge.

Materials such as wallpaper, accessories and art are all in sync with nature and blend well with the interiors. Over all the interiors are refreshing, simple and serene with a sense of clean openness & random bursts of colour ensures the home owners a seamless indoor-outdoor living.


Architects: KNS Architects

Project Name: Green Living

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Area: 3000 SQ.FT.

Architect in Charge: Kanhai Gandhi, Neemesh Shah, Shresht Kashyap


Additional Credits

Design Team: Neemesh Shah, Bhavesh Mewada, Priyanka Shah

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