Harmonious Exclusive Residence In London

Harmonious Exclusive Residence In London

Created by Laith Abdel Hadi, an interior designer based between Dubai, London, and Saudi Arabia and known for his unpredictable design projects, this Contemporary Residence enhances perfectly the balance between bright colors, strong contrasts and the elegance of some the most wanted pieces by Boca do Lobo. A harmonious space full of exclusivity that Laith sketched from the very beginning.

The key to make this unique project is to have as the center stage the client’s art collection. Therefore, the walls are painted in crisp white to have the art speak and stand out. The Designer thoughts worked around the colors of a peacock feather: blue, green, caramel for the formal area. The ambiance is filled with shaped and sharped forms to create more dimension and life growing through the ground.

“The Boca Do Lobo Versailles sofa was the focal point for me in the formal lounge which was custom upholstered in a rich deep blue velvet…the sofa was a perfect fit to such an eclectic space”, Laith Abdel Hadi.

Right in front of the firework stands out opulence and wide-open eclectic living room. Art is detailed in every piece of furniture in the house. Contemporary and maximalism styles are the main combination of the room and together create the perfect juxtaposition.

 By the dining area, white and neutrals are the king and queen. However, this outstanding design corner only works with the white and blue-tiled sideboard. The kitchen countertop was a challenge for its size as it’s entirely made of blue agate crystal, which we had made and flown from India to London. Heritage Sideboard, from Limited Edition, dictates an overall look and feel about this unique space.

 “I added the Heritage sideboard in the dining area that worked perfectly with the kitchen blue agate counter-top to pull in all the different shades of blue.”, Laith Abdel Hadi.

Minotti, Jonathan Adler, Eichholtz, Tom Dixon, The Rug Company, Hudson Furniture NY by Barlas Baylar just to name a few, are other luxury and exquisite brands that the designer chose for this inspiring interior design project.

“One of the brands, I worked with on this project is the obvious choice of Boca Do Lobo. I genuinely love the exaggerated fantasy-like art pieces they created, which I believe will be sought after collectibles 20 years from now.”, Laith Abdel Hadi.

But, no matter what, the interior designer always works closely with his clients to create an interior design project that reflects the clients’ style and personality, always pushing the boundaries of style and design a bit further.

The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed to the inspiration of the creation of this exuberant sofa. Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the need of bringing extravagant creations to life.

Hand-painted-tiles have gained a privileged place in architecture throughout the centuries. Portugal has adopted them like no other country has and in order to honor the Portuguese hand painted tiles, Boca do Lobo created Heritage Sideboard. This piece presents a different number of layers, where each one tells a different story.

About the Company

Boca do Lobo seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques around the world by understanding and interpreting the past, through technology and contemporary design. We dare to design artistic products and accurately handcrafted pieces with years of legacy. We are fearless and crave for innovation, being able to deliver an unparalleled experience and fulfill our most demanding clients’ desires and needs.