Aesthetic appeal with a thoughtful design

Aesthetic appeal with a thoughtful design

Designer : Ms.Tanushree, Limehouse Design Studio

Project : Tropical Fusion, Powai, Mumbai

In a concrete jungle like Mumbai, plants-soaked homes not only feel warm and inviting but are also full of positive energy and vibes. Not to mention the colors and brightness that characterize them.

We had the enviable task of designing just such a home recently – luckily here, all of us; clients and designer, shared a common love for interiors infused with colour and greenery. Located in an upmarket suburb of Mumbai, it was evident from the beginning that this would turn out to an exhilarating yet fulfilling experience. Having plants in a space not only adds character and warmth, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal when combined with a thoughtful design – more so in an urban set up. The crucial task is to ensure clever space planning, selection of the right material, and adoption of patterns, textures and shades that compliment the green interiors.

The challenging part here was closing in on the design concept – the clients wanted a bright, trendy and unique concept integrated with their love for nature and greenery. We realised that the plants and greens needed to get woven seamlessly into all the design elements and at the same time they should not take away from the core concept. Bright colours immersed into the lush greenery of the place – resulted in narrowing down to a fusion theme – young, vibrant, tropical and full of color. Like a fun filled getaway.

We used wood generously with live edge furniture, combined it with patterned flooring, motif tiles and coloured glass in the home bar/ dining – and amplified it with potted plants; all of this came together to create a lovely fusion oozing out tropical vibes. The minute one walks in, the vibe of a characteristic Goan cafe hits you – accentuated with our unique floating structure at the entrance not just to hold plants but also act as a partition.

Starting with the communal areas – ones sees that the lobby, living & dining areas are spaces that were opened up with civil changes to the layout, there are hand glazed tiles to create drama right at the entrance, signature pieces like the unique floating plants partition forming a visual delight, and a bespoke wooden light fixture right above the dining which catches your attention – all in all, a warm, vibrant & bright space unfolds in front of you.

The kitchen is kept uncluttered, warm and simple to provide a fresh, undiluted & easy working space. The master bedroom encompasses modern & classy bespoke furniture, with undertones of neutral whites and greys alongside vibrant colors used to accessorize the space. The bedroom belonging to their young son is kept functional and trendy including varied features like a bright blue brick wall, an entire study running across one wall of the room and a day bed next to a window seating/ reading niche. Needless to say, our favourite spot in the house is this!

The guest bedroom is a burst of colors, full of contrasts and acts as a culmination of this design theme balancing between the modern and rustic, contemporary and tropical combined with an array of elements each with their own unique style.  The bathrooms stand out with in their own individual style whilst carrying a common underlying fusion tone.

The powder room is done up in a distinctive style, with a coastal essence – dark wood, traditional coastal artefacts and patterned tiles walls. Rest of the bathrooms have a monochromatic look, one in black & white patterns & textures with complimenting hues and shades and the other keeping a heavy dose of mint – with distressed finish rustic tiles and plants to complete the look.