Stunning Mumbai office of a lighting company

Stunning Mumbai office of a lighting company

Designed by ABM Architects

This exclusive office designed by ABM Architects for Hybec, one of India’s fasting growing lighting company is unique in its own way in terms of modern design, utilization of space and smart use of lights.

The office design of this lighting company revolve around lighting naturally, by attempting to create a natural and intuitive flow of light within the space. Using a plethora of Hybec’s fixtures, each space is calibrated to its desired program – the cafeteria for example, has a diffused warm overall glow, but also task lighting over the tables, simultaneously allowing for a place of relaxation and casual collaboration.

One of the main feature of this office is a ribbed wooden slat wall envelopes the reception wall acting not only as a decorative element but also as a place to sit and is the first thing that strikes when one enters the premise.


A lot of wooden textures in conference room, cabin spaces can be seen around in every space gives an earthy feel while complementing with other color tones and glamorous lighting fixtures. Also the straight wooden ribbed pattern that flows across the walls of the office giving elegant aesthetics and stylish touch to this workspace.


The architects’ have also tried to create an intriguing, fun and modern space, using a tone on tone color palette with vibrant accent colors. The curved wood slats are complemented by bright blue stools, and what would ordinarily be a mundane restroom, is made interesting by a bright pink backsplash.


Architects: ABM Architects

Project Name: The Lighting Office

Location: Mumbai, India

Area: 3500 SQ.FT.

Status: Completed in 2018

Architect in Charge: Alfaz Miller

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