Elegant in Vocabulary

Project: B.E.D (Beverages, Entertainment & Dining), New Delhi

Architects: Chromed Design Studio, New Delhi

The name shouts clearly Beverages, Entertainment and Dining; it also exhibits its characteristics perfectly. In the midst of the prim and proper, the project makes its entry luxuriously set right above DAO. Given the cafe’s coverage of discerning audience, the setting within GK-1 ensures that it receives the appropriate foot traffic. The extravagant status of the café can be felt vividly and pleasantly as soon as one steps inside.

The elegant, relaxed interior makes for a wonderful atmosphere that is sure to let one forget the hustle-bustle of the city and unwind.Fusing modern culture into the choice of decor and design, creates a story that is told through the wholesome setting. The entrance through the glass door with steps leading upwards is dominated with a metal frame with copper-metal staircase and railings. The elevated bar being the centre focal point itself is a highlight of its own, dominated with gold coated metal and copper plate as an accent. Here, one experiences ecstasy through the musical amalgamation of the two floors.

The long continuous bar’s hairline steel storage and mirror panels break through the massive ceiling area with the clear truss, also serving as a skylight.The guests are also welcomed with two classy chandeliers over the bar head which have been christened as ‘drippy’. The chandelier has been made with size 3ft diameter/9ft length. Each chandelier is constructed with 130 individually blown glass pieces in transparent glass. The pieces have been blown with the help of Glass Lathe and Pyrax Glass with the help of skilled craftsman. The structure has been made in stainless steel, however, later loathed with copper gold coating to match the interior of the place where dominant colours are periwinkle blue and gold.

The periwinkle blue columns and the rustic exposed walls with glass running bands, add to accentuate the feel of the interior, while intimacy and sharing is highlighted by the use of intercepting, communal booth seating placed at the centre. Though this floor consists of a mixed bag of seating spaces including standing tables, tri-seaters and booth seating, they are well in sync with each other with the liquor bar as the centre focal point and sushi bar on the side. Copper and gold with their rich, alluring tones have been used all over.

Furniture in a restaurant should be inviting and add to the comfort and coziness of the environment of the restaurant. The project offers a range of traditional contemporary-modern furniture. The variety includes full wooden to full upholstered chairs, full metal based tables to full wooden based tables, and all wood stools to metal-glass stools as well. Most furniture items have a little aspect to match with the rest of the interiors of the restaurant. The furniture pieces aim to add variety, offer comfort and add to the attractiveness of the interiors of the restaurant.

The furniture pieces offer a range of designer, standalone and built-in solid wood furniture for home, offices, restaurant and hospitality industry. It specialises in the use of different woods and different colours in a single piece of furniture. With the use of treated and seasoned
wood, the furniture offers longer life apart from aesthetics and utility that is considered in the designs. The upper floor’s outer area has Middle-Eastern influences with wide furniture setting similar to a composite bed with extra ordinate focus lighting.

The project is just as lavish, albeit with modern décor. The functional diversity and the aesthetic charisma of spaces with reflective interiors, held together with a luxuriated colour scheme attributes to the artistry of the whole space summarising a breakthrough of new generation’s outlook towards socialising.

Fact File
Design team: Prateek Nagpal (Managing Director), Kshitij Malhotra (Copartner)
Design team: Abhigyan Neogi, Kanika Suri, Deepannita Majumdar, Neetika Narula, R C Shrinidhi
Consultants: Design Ahead (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Chromed Design Studio (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Thandak Aircon (HVAC)
Contractor: Munish Takulia by Design Ahead
Built-up area: 3,600 sq ft
Cost of project: Rs 1 crore
Year of completion: 2017
Company names of products/materials used: Chandeliers: Glass Sutra by Reshmi Dey, Furniture: Alankaram, Lights: Prolux, Tiles: Sidrons, Innovation: Chromed Design Studio