Winsome white abode in Bengaluru

Designed by Alex Jacob Architect

The house at Rajankunte, Bengaluru is designed to provide space simplicity, quality of its elements and connection between environment and identity. The residence is designed as two blocks, linked by a large water body over which runs a glass bridge, with gardens on both sides.

Vaastu compliance dictated the front (South) to be higher, while the North side has sloping roofs. A powerful dichotomy of exposure and intimacy can be seen evidently in the common and private spaces of the house that perfectly blend in with nature. The entrance foyer with two huge curved walls creates a sense of grandeur and an overwhelming sense of mystery.


This huge residence consist of five airy bed room, one exclusive entertainment room and one office space on the top floor. Every space is designed in harmony with the nature and seamlessly blends into it. The sequential use of water and landscape form a recurring theme throughout the house.


The composition of spaces carefully optimizes the surrounding views while at the same time maximizes the natural ventilation, and offers privacy.


Architects: Alex Jacob Architect

Project Name: Vijayan Residence

Location: Rajankunte, Bengaluru, India


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