Unique house design with sandwiched floors and gri...

Unique house design with sandwiched floors and grilled aesthetics

Designed by 4site Architects

The Grilled Sandwich House was formulated as a solution to achieve two duplexes within permissible Statutory height limits. It became a part of the intended design brief with Sandwiched floor plans and with Grilled aesthetics as having 2 Duplex units was indulging in 25% of height violations earlier.


The security Grills were to be provided for all external fenestrations of the duplexes as a part of the requirement. The idea was to integrate the grills with building facade. So, the Grilled aesthetics blended with solid and void massing.



The light penetration from the south facade was filtered by creating deep chajjas. The paramount lighting into the duplex was extracted from the main entrance door (10 x 15 feet) on the east facade and the high window fenestration on the north facade.

The small fenestrations on the west were masked by the multiple niches created for privacy, which added to the aesthetics of the west facade. The fenestrations were positioned to inculcate effective cross ventilation in the habitable spaces across the sandwiched duplexes. The visual connections in the duplex were procured in neat and compact manner by the split levels which was imbibed due to sandwiched floors.

In first duplex, the living room and the foyer communized with the split level of kitchen and master bedroom whereas in the second duplex, the Kitchen and foyer communized with the split level of living room and master bedroom. Thus the mirrored zoning of spaces in the two duplex, makes the design adhered to Vaastu.


The transition of split levels has been articulated by camouflaging the inbuilt furniture’s along with the steps. The exterior color palettes of white and grey hues are also endorsed seamlessly in the interior spaces with a touch of teakwood and teal color.


Architects: 4site Architects

Project Name: Grilled Sandwich House

Location: Bengaluru, India

Status: Completed in July 2018

Category: Houses, Residential Architecture

Architect in Charge: Chandrakant S Kanthigavi

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