Mansion in Palakkad with delighting greenery

Mansion in Palakkad with delighting greenery

Designed by Alex Jacob Architect

The site was a part of the rubber estate in Kerala. The residence is designed to merge with the contours of the site, thus the multi-levelled spaces have excellent view to the rich foliage outdoor.

Beautiful Kota black stone is laid out through the driveway paving of this modern home due to its numerous qualities, which also compliment the green spaces and the large water bodies.

The design evolved by considering the Vaastu principles. The centrally located Pooja Room acts as the focal point of the whole house. Large courtyards and balconies link nature with the built form.

Large open balconies and terraces are given to seemingly connect the nature with the built environment. All levels of the residence are visually linked, thereby bringing the spaces together. A sense of serenity is brought to the Pooja Room by surrounding it with a water body.

The contemporary bed rooms display fabric and wooden textures which makes them look more graceful. The mansion comprise of four spacious bedrooms, an office space, one gym and two multi-level terraces.


Architects: Alex Jacob Architect

Project Name: Unni Residence

Location: Palakkad, Kerala, India

Category: Houses, Residential Architecture

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