Luxurious Delhi home with multiple floors of styli...

Luxurious Delhi home with multiple floors of stylish interiors

Designed by Alex Jacob Architect

This majestic home in Delhi, designed for a joint family, ensures visual linkage between the floors while maintaining the connection between the floors and the spaces that they share. The design adheres to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.


The design serves a multi-family purpose with two floors per family. The cutouts in the floor plans allow for an overall feeling of unity between the floors.  The project integrates itself into the climatic and architectural environment of the area in which it is located through its design and planning.



It aims to alleviate the harsh weather conditions of Delhi through design elements such as stone cladding (dry cladding) to act as a buffer for extreme temperatures, natural timber on the terrace pool which prevents overheating as opposed to synthetic flooring and a vertical green wall on the South to serve as an effective noise buffer.



Landscaping has been done with plants such as The Golden Bamboo, Michelia Champa, Ficus Black Ball Shape, Plumeria Alba tree, Lily water plant, Umbrella water plant, Buddha Belly Bamboo, Ficus Star Light, Ficus Benjamina, China Palm, Furceria and The Spider Lily.



The residence functions under complete building automation and centralized air conditioning. The lights are powered by solar energy. Toughened laminated tinted glass is used in the residence. Emphasis is placed on natural light and ventilation.


Architects: Alex Jacob Architect

Project Name: Delhi Residence

Location: Delhi, India

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