Environment Friendly Design

Project: Elle Maison, Geneve outskirts
Architects: Damilano Studio Architects, Italy

The Elle Maison is a private house in Geneve outskirts. It’s located on a medium high plateau from which you can enjoy the view of the city and the lake. The whole lot has an area of 830 square meters with an area destined to the building of 247 square meters.

The plan is oriented north-south but the facade of the building moves on different axis. Starting from a central block, the house has a performance offset at the lay of the land. The building is developed on three levels – the first and the second floor to be lived in, and the basement floor is designed as a garage with two parking spaces.

The first level is dedicated to the living area with the kitchen, the living room, a bathroom and a guest room, while the upper floor is dedicated to the sleeping zone with a main bedroom with bathroom and cloak room and a studio. The different levels are linked by a concrete stair, paved by white glossy Quartzite stones, in a unique open space from the entrance to the roof. In this area a fi replace welcomes guests.The roof is a garden level made of sedum that helps to reduce the impact with the environment and improves the energy efficiency of the villa. Attention is also paid to the external green around the house, in fact there are different kinds of flowerbeds.

Along the exterior stairs that go up to the living, there are three big flower boxes made of Corten that contain trees, bushes and lavenders to give the garden a good olfactory and chromatic sensation. All the external floors of terraces are made of grey Quartzite stones with a continuing glass railing the structure of which is hidden under the terrace floor.

The building structure is set on reinforced concrete on continued foundation with septa and pillars. The floor is made with concrete covered with white tiles. The walls are made of two layers of bricks with the insulating layer in the middle. This project includes big windows made of insulated glazing with double glasses that open the view to the landscape and these frames are made of wood, the same used for some wall covers that characterise the building from the outside.

In accordance to the local laws, an airway was realised over the windows to improve the air circulation. The interior ceilings are completely covered with plasterboard isolated with roller blinds. The heating system is integrated in the floor.

Fact File

Building surface: 435sq m (three floor)

Area surface: 830 sq m

Project team: Duilio Damilano, Enrico Massimino, Alberto Pascale

Year of completion: 2016

Company names of products/materials used: Wooden windows and wooden facade – Cobola Falegnameria; Paintwork – Bertero; Garden – Roagna Vivai; Furnishing – Sereno DesignA

Photo credit: Andrea Martiradonna