Alternating Geometry

Project: Spectrum Apartments, Australia
Architects: Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD), Australia

The project is situated on a site with three frontages. It was critical that the architecture addresses and activates all three frontages but also be of a single architectural language.

The project is expressed as strips of building mass to exemplify the diverse cultural context of Box Hill. The ‘strips’ geometrically alternate over the floor plates to create highly articulated façades. The terminations of the ‘strips’ are expressed with brightly coloured fascia around the balconies, adding a vibrant presence to the public realm.

To increase the public amenity of the occupants of the apartment, the internal circulation areas are open to the sky, acting as a ‘lung’ to the development. This ‘lung’ would provide for additional day-lighting and natural ventilation while allowing for vegetation to populate the open atrium.

Fact File

Design team: Kavellaris Urban Design (Architect), Billy Kavellaris & Rodrigo Mateluna Sandoval (Design), Rodrigo Mateluna Sandoval (Project Architect), Harris HMC (Builder)

Scope of works: 70 Apartments, 1 Home office, 64 cars (triple cars stackers), 11 cars (double cars stackers), 9 cars conventional

Area: 7400 sq m

Year of completion: 2016