A Clean Statement

Project: Gorade Residence, Nashik

Architects: Studio Frozen Music, Nashik

When an architect gets a client who is quite clear about their functional requirements and has faith in the concept, aesthetic language and detailing that the architect comes up with, there is some surety of goodness and satisfaction about the final outcome. While designing the residence, the architect experienced such faith from the client on the visual language that the architect had come up with. The aim was to design a residence for a family of three members on a compact two-road corner plot with the constraints of restricted built-up area and budget. The client was very keen on having spacious living areas for their child to freely roam around and have ample green space outside the house.

For him, compared to public areas like living, dining etc., bedrooms could be given somewhat compact share in the design. Keeping this
in mind, a large living and kitchen space was proposed with a TV unit dividing the two functions apart. A straight flight staircase is placed at the north end of the house, which not only reduces the unnecessary wastage of the space in such compact floor plate but acts as a prominent
design feature for the living area. The first floor majorly replicates the footprint of the ground floor with some minor structural and functional modifications. On the first floor, two bedrooms on each ends are connected with a common family lounge which extracts sunlight from some randomly placed square windows and two skylights above.

The outer form of the residence is a pure rectangular cube with a triangular porch aligned with the triangular shape of the plot. The local Nashik black stone cladded wall of the entrance lobby and the exposed concrete ceiling of the porch slab create a beautiful textural and visual contrast with the smooth and shining whiteness of the rectangular mass. The recessed windows of various sizes and levels are evolved from the idea of soap bubbles just the way soap bubbles fl oat with the various sizes and levels, the white rectangular cube displays the interesting play of such ‘square window bubbles’.

To enhance the purity of the white mass, the architect has consciously tried not to introduce any stereotypical language of cornices, chajjas, decorative weather sheds, etc., in the overall visual language of the house. A ‘pull out’ slab at the terrace level artistically serves the purpose of weather shed for the door below. The glass pavilion on the west side literally fl oats above the garden area and offers 270 degree views of the garden and green surroundings. The material pallet is kept minimal with some bold and rough tones of natural black stone cladding and exposed concrete ceiling of the porch slab in contrast with the white stucco walls.

Internal flooring is of grey tone that contrasts with the white stucco walls.The design of the house incorporates some inherent climate responsive ideas and techniques. The south wall is a double skin façade that increases time lag for direct heat transfer. The bedroom doors have ventilators above the door opening to allow cross ventilation when the rooms are closed. Most of the traditional ‘wada’ architecture of Maharashtra used to have such ventilated doors and openings. Here, that traditional wisdom is borrowed and applied in a modern way. Small pergolas ‘barsati’ shelter on the terrace acts as an evening lounge for leisure activities during hot and humid summers.

Also, the landscaping and green areas along the periphery of the house improve the microclimatic conditions of the site. Rainwater collected from the terrace is used to recharge the borewell. Solar water heater is installed for the hot water usage.

Fact File

Client: Balasaheb Gorade and Vrishali Gorade

Consultants: Deltacom Structural consultants LLP (Structural), Mahesh Deepak Shirke (Interior and Landscape)

Contractors: Krishna Jadhav (Structural and Civil)

Built-up area: 3,500 sq ft

Cost of project: Rs 45 lakh

Year of completion: 2016

Company names of products/materials used: Kajaria vitrified tiles, Nashik black stone cladding, Kota stone for parking