Idyllic Design in Idyllic Environs

Idyllic Design in Idyllic Environs

Project: Sofitel Tamuda Bay, M’diq, Morocco
Architects: GM Architects, Beirut (Lebanon) and Abu Dabhi (UAE)

The Sofitel Tamuda Bay is a luxury five-star hotel in M’diq, a town located on the northern coast of Morocco about 20 miles east of Tangier. It is the luxury hotel brand’s latest project and offers 104 bedrooms and suites, eight bungalows and five villas, spanning a total floor surface area of 38,128 square meters. The vision of the sea and its closeness is present everywhere and invades the exterior spaces as well as the interiors.

The notion of context in this case was developed based on the hotelier brief, which was to link the French ‘art de vivre’ with the culture of this location. This is where art and culture fuses with design and interiors. The contemporary artists of the 20th century, who were influenced by the Moroccan arts and crafts during their careers, were the base of our research. This has allowed us to develop a rich palette of joyful and iconic colours and patterns.

Each space develops its own character and experimentation. Located on one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches of the Mediterranean, and set against the backdrop of the Rif Mountains, the project stands in an idyllic setting. The project has won ‘Best New Hotel’ at the 2011 International Hotel Awards and ‘Best Luxury Beach Resort’ in Northern Morocco, and the ‘World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016’. At the same ceremony in 2016, Sofitel Tamuda Bay won the ‘Great prize’ of the year.

Fact File
Client: Sofitel
Consultants: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical – Novec and Primarios; Interior –
GM Architects; Landscape – Côté Seine; Plumbing, HVAC – Novec and Primarios
Contractors: Structural and Civil – Primarios
Built-up area: 38,100sq m
Cost of project: 60,000,000 EUR
Year of completion: 2016
Company names of products/materials used: Reconstituted stone, Bisazza
mosaic; Flooring – natural local stone ‘peirre de taza’; Walls – wood veneers from
tabu and wall coverings from muzeo; False ceiling – Gypsum board