Proclivity for Non-Rectilinear Forms

Proclivity for Non-Rectilinear Forms

Project : National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi

Architects : Ar.SD Sharma

Located on the Eastern end of New Delhi’s famed Jawaharlal Nehru University, the National Institute of Plant Genome Research is dedicated to advancing research in plant genetics in the interests of the nation and the poor farmers, rather than closed private corporations. In program, the Institute is essentially an assemblage of laboratories with attended seminar rooms, auditoriums and offices for researchers, faculty and administration.

Building on his proclivity for non-rectilinear forms, Sharma uses the hexagon in plan to efficiently organize the plan structured around repetitive module consisting of a set of laboratories and offices. The corridors are yet once again used for ferrying all the services to the whole building.

The entire building is clad in a single light colored stone (with the occasional red sandstone) giving the structure a uniform aspect punctuated by play of light and shadow enabled by constant pulls and pushes in the massing.

A delicately designed parapet serves as a unifying element along the roof-line. The entrance and some of the side recesses are shaded over by a pergola that generates a striped pattern on the surfaces of the building.