Capitol Complex building in Naya Raipur showcases ...

Capitol Complex building in Naya Raipur showcases Chhattisgarh’s cultural spirits

Designed by UCJ Architecture & Environment

As a symbol of the newly constituted State, the planning geometry of the masterplan draws its inspiration from the rising sun, symbolizing the dawn of a new era – an emerging power.

The permeated Master Plan is inspired by the State’s indigenous flora fauna as 44% of the State’s land cover is under forest i.e. 12% of the country’s forest cover and its rich tribal culture/ crafts which is considered to be 80% of the State’s population that is rural.

It is these images of the State, an abundant landscape with humble people, which determined the architectural profile of the built form. Low in profile, the built forms step down (5th floor downwards) and accommodate generous landscape courtyards & terraces within.

The Capitol Complex, spread over an area of 125 hectares with a built-up area totaling to 1,50,000 sq.m. for various facilities. As the design draws inspiration from regional elements it generate contextual references – making the Complex a landmark of contemporary times with a firm rooting in its culture. The Secretariat building comprises of Ministers’ block, Secretaries block, Sections block and other ancillary blocks. The Heads of Departments building houses 41 independent departments in five interconnected blocks.

While each building is placed around large central landscaped courtyard, each block within a building is planned around a smaller intimate courtyard. The Secretariat is provided with an Atrium tower and a steel canopy that sits at the front facade, in contrast to the relatively humble built mass abutting it. The arrival lobbies draw inspiration from the Kutumsar caves. The metal grilles design is evolved from the forest flora. Elements of Bastar art are embedded into the façade and other features as a subtle symbol of the regional identity.


Architects: UCJ Architecture & Environment

Project Name: Capitol Complex

Location: Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Status: Completed in 2016

Architect in Charge: Uttam C. Jain

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