Astounding architecture of a college in Panthawada

Astounding architecture of a college in Panthawada

Designed by UCJ Architecture & Environment

The Sri Tirupati Balaji College of Arts and Commerce was envisaged to develop and support the existing campus already having an Industrial Training Institute as well as the growing demand for education in rural Gujarat. In doing so it was intended to create an architectural landmark in the area that also inspired and raised the aspirations of students.

The design bears in mind 3 guiding principles:

  1. The Culture – vernacular building traditions & rural environment;
  2. The Climate – hot, dry & arid;
  3. The Client’s Brief

The College is complete with academic courses having commenced in September 2018. Future phases of the Institute will comprise a 400-seat Amphitheatre and Hostel facilities. Handcrafted in coarse textures and earth colours, the building emerges from the site as an extremely simple architectural solution to a regionally relevant building. Academic areas are arranged around a spacious courtyard that occupies a large proportion of the building shell in response to the hot and dry climate.


The Institute is built as an RCC framed structure with brick masonry infill walls. Located at the entrance of the College and built of indigenous stone masonry walls, is the library. Its materiality breaks the continuity of plastered walls and stands out. The stone masonry walls insulate students on the inside from the harsh external climate. The South and West facades are insulated by double walls. Recycled tiles (china mosaic) are used on the terrace to insulate lower levels.


The transitional spaces are characterized with murals hand painted by local artisans. Each unique mural identifies various postures of the Surya Namaskar; Yoga and sports being high priority for the college.


Architects: UCJ Architecture & Environment

Project Name: Sri Tirupati Balaji College of Arts & Commerce

Location: Panthawada, Gujarat

Status: Completed in 2018

Architect in Charge: Uttam C Jain

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