An inspirational freedom fighter’s mesmerising mem...

An inspirational freedom fighter’s mesmerising memorial in Yavatmal

Designed by UCJ Architecture & Environment

The memorial is dedicated to the spirit of Jawaharlal Darda, a freedom fighter, whose life was committed to public service. As a public space, Prerna Sthala which means ‘fountainhead of inspiration’ attempts to establish a spiritual relationship between his life and work, his samadhi and his residence, located just across the street.

Architectural and landscape elements are used to generate vistas, draw attention, experience varying textures, shield off external distractions (large unsightly warehouses & a railway track abuts the memorial), to engage with the existing teak plantation, and most importantly to manipulate a play of light, given the minimal built-form.


The project is an attempt at making non-manifest connections, using a simple architectural vocabulary & landscape elements. Every moment provides a unique experience, based on the evolving relationship between built, un-built and natural elements.


Architects: UCJ Architecture & Environment

Project Name: Prerna Sthala (Jawaharlal Darda Memorial)

Location: Yavatmal, Maharashtra

Status: Completed in 2006

Architect in Charge: Uttam C. Jain

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