Inspired by pine forest at dawn

Project : The L00P Boutique Hotel & Café

Architect : G+ Architects, Vietnam

The LOOP is located on an area of 2000m2 with three bench footings naturally formed. Our mission is to create a residential area and a café which will last 10-15 years. The concrete area is 400m2, the other are a garden, a railyard and a camping site.

Structure Formation – The pine forest at dawn is the inspiration that fabricated 70 pillars sheltering beneath a bright tole layer, which determines the shell and the structure of the building. The transparency of the glass, the burry image of the landscape through the morning mist, as well as the sheltering effect against the rainy condition of Da Lat; all was considered and utilized as we were designing the outer shell of the building. The bright tole layer can produce different lighting effects, from completely opaque to crystal clear. Every fold of the tole layer resembles those of our preferred type of fabric.

There are 12 rooms in the hotel area, each differing from the other in every aspect thanks to the circular structure of the building. All rooms have view to the hills, pine forest or the garden in the center. With white as the main theme, the interiors in each room are minimalized, all unnecessary furniture is excluded, which enhances natural light sources, so the colors and temperature will always reflect the climate conditions of the land whose height is at 1500m.

The Opaque Line Between the Inner And The Outer – The café area is divided into two parts. The upper part is a semi-open area, one part standing under a tiling roof, the other part viewing towards the valley below. This place is where our visitors can experience the minimalism as well as a clear spatial layout while also enjoying the view of the landscape at its finest.

The lower part is a café which is covered in glass along its border, connecting the walking path with the inside of the building as well as the garden below. Since the beginning of the project, we have dismissed all the overly complicated ideas and decided to keep the concrete materials of the ceiling and floor unchanged. The seats in the café are formed in cave-like benches, all viewing towards the valley and the garden below.

Walking and Exploration – The LOOP has corridors bordering its round body, which is a walking path for our staying visitors. These circular pathways are sometimes interrupted by the staircases or ramp slopes. There is a small path heading straight towards the main hall, through the middle garden, into the upper or lower café and expanding towards the valley below.

The LOOP has two traffic systems, one piercing the building and the other spreading along its border: The first is the corridor system bordering the building, which is the pathway for our staying visitors, while the other system performs as the main pathway connecting the three areas, which is inspired by cave walking paths. Here, our visitors can experience the rotation of light and shadow, the constant shifting of landscapes, distance and height.

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Fact File 

Manufacturers : INAXAnfaco LightingDong NaiHuu LienTOAVicem
Lead Architect : Đoan Bang Giang, Nguyen Minh Quan, Hong Dieu
Engineering : Nguyen Khac Luu
City : Thành phố Đà Lạt
Country : Vietnam
Photographs: Quang Tran
Year: 2020
Area: 2000 m²