SERON GRANITO introduces “Exotic Collection&...

SERON GRANITO introduces “Exotic Collection”

Tile Flooring is among the most contemporary methods to make your space look more elegant, inviting, stylish and sophisticated. Adding precisely glazed flooring is an easiest and promising method to enhance the value of residential and commercial areas. Tiles are in the trend and easy to maintain, making them the most favourite choices amongst the Architects and Interior Designers.

With SERON GRANITO, the wait for the perfect solution for your floors is over now, as they have launched the stunningly impressive, ultra-gorgeous ‘Exotic Collection’ of tiles, globally.

SERON GRANITO is an Indian Manufacturer of luxury tiles, having its presence in East Europe, North America, Middle East, North-East Asia and Africa with products chosen by consumers from more than 60 countries. The brand’s USP is its ultra-fine product quality, innovation, technology and manufacturing facilities of making gigantic sizes of tiles in 600x1200mm, 800x1600mm, and 1200x1800mm dimensions.

According to Mr Nisarg Patel- Managing Director -Seron Granito, “EXOTIC COLLECTION is an easy way to beautify your floors. They can enhance the value of any space, from the living room to bedroom, from the kitchen to the restrooms or study room or office, banquet halls, hotels or restaurants. EXOTIC Collection gives an exotic look to your refind space. The most astounding benefits of this product are that it is waterproof, termite-proof, and available in the size of 800x1600mm with 9mm thickness. The Collection is eco-friendly, stain-resistant, frost proof and thermal proof, recyclable and easy to maintain.”

According to Mr Sushil Mehta-General Manager Sales & Marketing at Seron Granito, “The Exotic Collection is accessible in a wide range of colours and textures. Wine Volcano, Spider Gold, Forest Green, Calcutta Rosata, Torento Aqua, Alicante Aqua, Ozone Red, Amazonite, Torento Red, Dorato Aqua are some of the shades available under Exotic Collection by SERON GRANITO. Other than floors, you can use this product to revamp your walls as well.”

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Morbi-Halvad Road, At.Unchi Mandal,

Morbi-363 642. (Gujarat) INDIA

Phone : (+91) 9818850444