Saint Louis Launches a New Lights Collection – Mat...

Saint Louis Launches a New Lights Collection – Matrice

Bespoke lighting specialist, contemporary home décor & tableware specialist, Emery Studio brings to India, an innovative array of lights – Matrice – by Saint Louis. Europe’s oldest and most revered crystal glass manufacturer, Saint Louis’s new collection is inspired by its own moulds accumulated over the more than 430 years of its existence.

A brand like St Louis is an eternal inspiration for designers, as discovered by Kiki Van Eijk, the creator of Matrice. The glass expert has accumulated, over the centuries, 6,000 moulds in which molten crystal is blown by master glassworkers in order to get the correct shape. This priceless legacy preserved in the manufacturing process is what inspired Kiki Van Eijk to conceive Matrice. She gives every creation in the collection the unique shape of a mould, adorning each one with the handcut elements (diamonds, bevels) that are the signature style of St Louis. The unusual aesthetic of this collection thus showcases the story of its own manufacturing process.

Fusing creativity with innovation, the Matrice lightings collection expands with two different models in 2020. The small sconce is available in stainless steel and golden finish. The Small table lamps come in chrome-plated finish and golden finish. While the table lamp, sconce and floor lamp are also offered with a new pale gold finish, numbered and exclusively limited to just 28 copies each. The sparkle of the 24-carat gold evokes molten matter and the original creation process.

The Matrice collection also offers five vases, including two prestigious editions in colour. Vases can be adapted to all kinds of bouquets to complement Saint-Louis’ contemporary special offer.

About Emery Studio

Emery Studio specializes in bespoke decorative lighting, tableware and home decoration solutions for interior designers and architects and exclusively represents some of the finest international designer lighting, tableware and home decoration brands in India.

Brands under the Emery umbrella are the ultimate symbols of French luxury and are handcrafted with the finest materials and age-old techniques.

Amongst others, brands in its portfolio include Saint Louis, Lalique, Christofle, Daum, Windfall, L’Objet, Griffe, Haviland.

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