Festive-worthy pieces to buy this festive season

Festive-worthy pieces to buy this festive season

Mohh, a new furnishing venture, has entered into the consumer space by utilising a 2- decade old expansive manufacturing set-up to deliver modern and contemporary designs for urban Indians. A high quality, modern aesthetic and eclectic design at a pocket friendly price is what Mohh offers to its vibrant, ambitious and young at heart audience. Mohh attempts to break away from the mundane design offerings in the market and offers unique, innovative and stylish products that will make a statement.

1) Alta Lantern

2) Zeno Incense Stick & Dia Holder

Bringing you a truly unique decor piece, this fuss-free accessory is an apt holder to place your dia and incense stick together with the extension to grab all the fallen off ash. The Ease meets tradition in Zeno is easy to clean and available in a slew of fun colours, to brighten up your home!

3) Ella Incense Holder

Incense smoke is in the realm of the element of Air so a space saving unique holder is a quintessential requirement for holding your incense. Ella Incense holder is spread out long enough to give some good leeway for making sure the holder catches all of the ash.  This easy to store design is available in a slew of fun colours, to brighten up your home and use conveniently throughout the year.

4) Lizie Candle/Tea Light Holder

Versatile to add a cozy vibe to every gathering, Lizzie Candle/Tea light is an affordable 2 in 1 quirky holder, available in 5 different colours to use all year around. This festive worthy statement piece can light up any room with its fresher, simple and minimalist touch.

4) Trisley Console

We all get the urge to display our favourite showpieces and chinawares in the festive season, but unsuited console or table can ruin the game, Mohh brings you a modern and impactful, Trisley console with minimal design, which will just not be a perfect spot for your displays but also to show-off your greens with 2 structured planter slots.

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5) Marmo Coasters – Round

Bored with regular coasters, this festive season, add the soothing aesthetic touch to your dining table with Marmo Coasters, the 2 tone coasters with contemporary design are crafted with a unique blend of Laminate and berch, with natural colour and texture, availed in the set of 6 (Black & White) with a holder to easily store the coasters away when not in use.

6) Trello Console 

Trello Console by Mohh proves that Utility is not always bulky. This drool worthy elegant piece is a must buy for your homes. Designed with modern sensibilities, it’s a straight line console with a pinch of quirk which allows you with space to place your keys and other grab and go essentials.

7) Tiara Dining Table

A smart choice for the most important element of festive gatherings, Lighter, brighter and modern – Tiara Dining Table is everything you could need for your get-togethers. Available in subtle colours and visible on the underside, the features perfectly oughts to complement the contemporary and classic aesthetics of the room.