Ergonomically designed furniture for WFH Professio...

Ergonomically designed furniture for WFH Professionals

Home Canvas, a furniture and lighting company based in Bangalore, aims to help customers set up comfortable and efficient home offices through its new range of work from home furniture.

These ergonomically designed tables efficiently convert areas in your home into a work/study space with minimum effort. The Float is easy to mount work and study table that can transform any corner of the house into a cozy workspace.  The Deskette is a modern and compact work from home desk with unmatched functionality. Porto is a portable study table that is easy to move, providing the flexibility to work from your bed or your couch.

An the average worker spends approximately 5 hours sitting on a desk working every day, and therefore a functional home office furniture is more important than ever today. Well-designed furniture that gives the user the flexibility to alter posture can not only provide a productivity boost but can also enhance overall wellbeing and health of the individual.

Sandeep Sridhar, CEO of Home Canvas says, “More people are working from home than ever before. This has become our new normal, and it is important to recreate a functional, office set up that blends in seamlessly within our homes. Our innovative line of furniture does exactly this and has been designed specifically to improve our customer’s quality of work and at the same time not intrude into their  living space. Moreover, investing in ergonomically well-designed furniture is like investing in your health.”

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About Home Canvas

Home Canvas was founded with the belief that good design can enhance our quality of life and make our spaces more comfortable, inspiring and uplifting. We blend functional superiority, aesthetics and craftsmanship in a seamless manner to create products that are creative and bring joy. We enjoy conceptualizing, designing and creating products that are unique and on trend.

We work with a variety of materials and crafts and that often means having to partner with skilled artisans and tap their know how and craftsmanship, while creating products that are engineered to be functional and durable.

Home Canvas was founded in 2015 and is a part of Nasscom’s 10,000 startups & is owned by Nuevo Digital Solutions Private Limited, based out of Bengaluru, India.