Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Collection

Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Collection

Like there is a need to pick the most stupendous indoor furniture to embellish our living spaces similarly there is an equivalent need to infuse the trendiest Patio furniture that can add life to your balcony or garden area to let you relax in the natural surroundings or either enjoy the feel of an outdoor lounge. To feel comfy as well as make a strong style statement with the state of the art collection of outdoor furniture seating is not that easy task. Keeping this in mind IDUS the luxurious furniture store has launched its exclusive Outdoor Furniture Collection that would transform your boring outdoor space to be livelier by infusing classy outdoor furniture seatings.

The collection comprises the elegantly designed daybed and seating that are made out of rattan loops that artistically imbibes the combination of  old technology with modish designs, shapes, and curves fastening rattan onto the different frames to create a variety of sensuous forms. Resembling either random doodling or a crescent-shaped frame with a distinct central crest or a boat or the one with a simple, solid design these seating are a true blend of an everlasting beauty. This collection imbibes the visually relaxing touch supporting a posture that can perfectly glide down to have leisure enjoying the fresh breeze. The craftsmen have gorgeously created each piece matching the natural beauty from the outdoor surroundings.

Each seating is absolutely firm and durable with a coating of weather resistance polish to prevent any wear out. Available in silver, pale gray and yellow colours, the collection is made of native, natural materials, including palms, seagrasses, bamboo, abaca, and rattan. You can choose an innovative Yin and Yang loveseat that combines organic materials with interesting geometric shapes. Its comforts and innovative designs makes it a huge difference in outdoor living experience by integrating nature, traditional craft and innovative technologies, thereby bringing a wow factor.

According to Mr. Sameer Hora-MD IDUS, this collection of Patio furniture imbibes nature, both in its material as well as the designs these seatings inculcate within themselves. The collection showcases the flexibility of its material, Rattan that with different turns and twists add chic appeal, giving outdoors furniture a touch of blissful sophistication and style.  Each seating of this collection is unique and elite in itself comprising quality and design play that will surely adorn the exterior décor of any outdoor space.

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