Cement your love with “Concrete ProductsR...

Cement your love with “Concrete Products” by Poorva Ajmera

In the realm of the artistic world, Poorva Ajmera needs no introduction. This young entrepreneur is winning the hearts, globally, through her idea of using concrete differently, thus making your home and workspace vibrant than ever.

Poorva Ajmera is known for her inquisitive designs. Her global brand “Yours Concretely”, perfectly demonstrates how beautifully this material can make some fantastic products. With a background in International Business & Jewelry Design, Poorva ventured away from the beaten path and decided to create something previously unheard of. Poorva explores the bare charm of concrete and design architectural-influenced products and a statement-making gifting choice for your beloved ones.

The company is producing thousand of original designs every month and catering its national and international clientele.

“I wanted to explore the concrete to see how it can be mould into smaller design pieces. With cement and concrete, you can design as many as products you can imagine. This material is something beyond the limits of its usage. Yours Concretely boasts multiple home decor and lifestyle ranges including wall clocks, planters, candle stands, office organisers, cardholders and much more”, says Poorva Ajmera-Founder, Yours Concretely.

Yours Concretely designs, refined products made of concrete, a novel concept introduced by Poorva in India, adds a chic, stylish touch to your living and working spaces. Poorva takes pride in the fact that each product is individually designed and hand-poured by their craftsmen, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

The brand shows the hard work and innovation by Poorva Ajmera that showcases concrete’s beauty and versatility and gives a different narrative to the material. Yours Concretely produces the pieces for your contemporary lifestyle—each product meticulously crafted from this eco-friendly material.

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