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CASABENE, Beyond The Wall collection, by Stenna Wallpapers is a collection that aims at bringing a subtle yet intriguing element to your home. With wallpapers that bring a classic eighteenth-century Paris Salon vibe to the ones that add a contemporary urban hint to the decor.

A collection that is stunningly dramatic with jewel-bright colors & ornamental patterns. Eco-friendly wallpapers consisting of pearl aqueous ink layer, water-based ink layer (harmless & odorless) and Anion layer (Anti-bacteria & insect proof). This timeless range of wallpapers has been classified into two categories:

  1. Cozy & Artistic Natural Wallpapers.
  2. Vintage & Urban Modern Wallpapers.

Geometrical Wallpapers– Explore our great collection of geometric wallpapers with a wide selection of bold and colorful designs that are perfect for elevating your walls and upscaling your space. A geometric wallcovering allows you to be creative with your interior styling, experimenting with various shapes such as triangles, diamonds and more. You will find a variation of stylish colors to choose from including minimal grey, black, beige or something more playful like yellow, pink, purple, blue and so on. Make a statement with large scale geometric patterns, perfect for contemporary living rooms that need a fresh touch. Whatever your unique style is, a geometric feature wall is perfect for any room in need of a designer’s touch taking a center stage with the breath-taking geometric designs. design and provide a unique blend of serenity and style to your room. Beautify any room with a unique blend of serenity and style. This style can be the ideal way to inject some character into your home while upgrading each room with crisp, fresh wallpaper. If you’re planning on re-papering the walls but can’t decide on a color or pattern, you’ll want to consider jazzing up your space with the bold flair of simple geometry! Stenna carries quite a few attractive designs and colors, so you’re sure to find a wallpaper that excites your imagination.

Flamingo Wallpapers- Turn your home into an inviting paradise and stay on trend with our stylish tropical wallpaper murals, designs that are perfect for adding a new lease of life to your space. Why not try a tropical flamingo design to introduce fresh green tones that will allow you to escape into a zone of complete zen and relaxation. If you are looking to create a vibrant feature wall that will revive your interior then why not try finding a wallpaper to suit your taste. A tropical pattern is a versatile design that will help to create a fresh, modern theme. A whole flock of flamingoes finds its way into the room giving both exotic and graceful look creating a contemporary and Instagram-worthy room.

Modern Floral Print Wallpaper-
Invite the beauty of nature into your home with this modern floral print. Floral wallpapers speak their own language, conveying memories, emotions and values. These patterned wallpapers playfully combine an essence of beauty and daring compositions that invites a second glance. They adorn the earth with their various hues and shades bringing joy to all those around them. Whether opting for a large floral wallpaper with scaled-up petals or bright vibrant ones, these designs add drama to your walls with a touch of class. For the love of flowers, we create a magic botanical. This eclectic design draws inspiration to develop a bold, contemporary edge. Developed with elegance in mind, the rich color palette will add a uniquely sophisticated look to your wall surfaces.

Small Floral Wallpapers- Small floral wallpapers can give your rooms a wake-up call that’s joyfully pretty. Timelessly versatile, floral prints are perfect for period homes, and there’s plenty of interior inspiration available from across the centuries. Flowers are associated with romance and femininity. Hence, it’s common to see blossoms used in wallpaper for the bedroom. Regarding colors, floral designs range from deep reds and violet tones to soft pinks and pastels. Even more, they can be displayed as subtle and abstract or bold. While the size can vary between small, delicate and dainty to oversized and moody. Let’s face it, flowers are beautiful. And a stunning floral wallpaper can turn any interior into a fabulous feminine abode

About STENNA Wallpapers

Stenna, a wallpaper brand launched in 2018, Founded by Madhur Goel is committed to the idea of redefining wallpapers as a smart choice for interior spaces. The brand offers a perfect blend of Indian traditional opulence and western elegance. A collection accustomed to every taste and hold the power to re-invent interior spaces with abstracts to florals to metallic it brings you endless options.

STENNA is from the House of Décor India, which brings with it 37 years of rich experience of working with wallpapers in the Indian Market.