“A spick and span abode” with Greenlam

“A spick and span abode” with Greenlam

Home is where the heart is and after a long tiring day, we all seek for a home that is neat and clean. Therefore, your go to spot must be looked after and maintained so that you can peacefully respire and rejuvenate. Here are few easy ideas for you to get hands on designing a tidy yet whimsical abode!

Anegre Matt

Wood is a versatile material which can complement almost every kind of décor theme. It’s presence naturally uplifts your interiors and provides a unique aura to the room. A perfect choice for every season, pre-polished veneers have become popular as they are ready-to-use with a very long shelf-life. For instance, this Anegre Matt by Decowood from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. is a pre-polished veneer that comes with seven layers of protection against damage along with a superior factory finish which provides a neat look. It’s rich brown red color tone whether paired with contemporary or antique accents will always give a timeless finesse to the décor.

Oak Stockholm

Amidst a hectic lifestyle, we don’t exactly look forward to tidying up the house. It’s usually when we have visitors over makes us organize our interiors and give an extra cleansing to the floors. To ease your maintenance blues, we suggest opting for Oak Stockholm by Mikasa from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. With this engineered real wood floor’s easy maintenance and durability, one doesn’t have to worry about deep cleaning. Pair its light brown shade with neutrals to infuse a refreshing vibe and a comfortable feel. You can also go curtain-less allowing some natural day light to illuminate your interiors. Complete this look with your favourite antiques to add a visual aesthetic to your décor!

Electric Blue

We all have our own ways of relishing the hottest season of the year. Some like to sun bathe outside and others like to cool themselves by staying indoors. While we all are social distancing, it is also important to maintain sterility and cleanliness at home. To achieve a serene yet vibrant space, mix and match shades of your walls and furniture. For instance, this Electric Blue decors by Greenlam Laminates from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. beautifully blends with the other contrasting colours like pink or yellow. Moreover, with its anti-bacterial feature which retards the growth of common bacteria up to 99.99%, you can bid farewell to your hygiene woes. Re-arrange and remove extra accents for a minimal and refined summer décor look!