Architectural Sketches by Ar.Naveen Vij

Architectural Sketches by Ar.Naveen Vij

Sketching is like a vehicle for gifting joyrides to your designs. Architects may have to haul their designs to board rooms, to the contractors, to clients or even to a worker on site. A quick efficient tool, brief, direct, communicative and accentuated to your taste, sketches are ability demonstrators too which convey a lot of confidence to all stakeholders. It is a pity that this simple technique is not being stressed upon well enough in modern architectural education in present times.

About the Author : Ar. Naveen Vij

Naveen Vij is a maverick architect who has a passion for exploring allied fields like art, product design, sculpture, murals etc. He also has a penchant for searching for innovative solutions for construction techniques, environmental issues and furniture design. After graduating from the Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1982, he has been running a design studio which has grown into a painting studio along the way. Most of his art pieces go to adorn the structures and residences he designs. He has pioneered sketching and 3D visualization as an effective tool for communication of design among the architectural fraternity of India. Naveen Vij is also a regular visiting faculty to several architectural institutions.