Vibhor Sogani presents a public art installation a...

Vibhor Sogani presents a public art installation at Dubai Design Week from 9th to 14th November 2020

Vibhor Sogani, an installation artist, was invited to collaborate with Wilson Associates, a Global architectural interior design firm, and Studio Mark Lighting Consultants – an architectural lighting design practice, to collectively create a Gateway into Dubai Design Week 2020. Wilson Associates, the designer of record for an interactive art installation and pop-up space with the Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design 2020, assembled a team of innovators, Courtney Mark of Studio Mark Lighting Consultants – an architectural lighting design practice – and Vibhor Sogani – an internationally acclaimed sculptural installation designer – to create a public art installation for Dubai Design Week.

Vibhor Sogani’s creation ‘Nebula’ installation, consisting of umpteen spheres in variegated sizes sculpted from mirror-finished stainless-steel, gravitate together to form a large lustrous suspended cloud. When positioning oneself in proximity, the multitude of shiny convex surfaces catch a motley of perspectives. And while each distinctly reflected portrait peers back curiously, the collective of these images becomes a determined indication of our kaleidoscopic potential.

With the lighting design by Courtney Mark, the space is transformed by light to play with shadows and provide a different interpretation of the kaleidoscope effect while visitors are able to maintain social distancing.

A stage to support an act of being alone… reminiscent of a stage, for viewers to feel supported, intrigued and, hopefully, excited. It’s time to look up, it’s time to feel joy, and it’s time to remember that you are not alone. Located in the centre of d3 Dubai Design District, this installation consists of a stage-inspired setting. Design professionals and enthusiasts are invited to walk inside from beneath this structure.

“In a world where we may not constantly be accompanied by another, the NEBULA is a reminder that we do not run solo; instead, we carry within many versions of our own selves—because, we are never just one person. What may have seemed as an onerous nimbus from a distance is in fact an imperative reflection of the deeper self.”  says Artist Vibhor Sogani .

Each of us is an entire universe and the NEBULA echoes the hopeful promise that even when we catch ourselves desolate under a sombre rain cloud, it is but a mere mirage, for reality lies in looking up, where we find our closest companions.

About Vibhor Sogani:

Well known name in design installation, VibhorSogani’s style is experimental and language transformative.  His passion in exploring diverse materials like steel, brass, copper, bronze, stone and mixed media, coupled with a strong interest in fine art has led to innovative artistic expressions. His language is contemporary, and has that international cosmopolitan flavour which is a natural corollary to the material he is dominantly using – Steel. Over the years, he has made a strong mark in the areas of art & light-based installations.

India’s largest Public art installation ‘Sprouts’ is his creation. The 40 feet high steel installation stands in the 6 acres of greens in the heart of New Delhi. It was a Government initiative towards beautification of the capital city. Today it is considered a Landmark of Delhi. Another of his prominent works is ‘Joy’, a 30 feet high Public art installation in Dubai, UAE. Commissioned by EMAAR, it is installed at one of the prominent junctions of the upcoming development, Dubai Creek Harbour.

Over the years Vibhor’s work has been exhibited in various design & art shows in India & abroad like Australia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, S. Africa, Singapore, Germany etc. His exhibitions have often been supported by the Indian Government and the Governments abroad.

VibhorSogani, born in Jaipur, India specialised in Industrial Design from the prestigious NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad, India. He started his studio in 1994 in Delhi and has been engaged in various prestigious and award winning commissioned installations, design projects and conceptual art assignments. Given his diverse interests, he also handled Offbeat projects like developing India’s first few Go‐Karting tracks; redesigning Mumbai’s suburban trains; upgradation of copper craft in the valley of Kashmir, to name a few.

Recipient of many honours, Vibhor has also been awarded ‘Indian Art Icon of the Year 2014’ in Singapore.He has also served as a Government nominated member of the India Design Council. 

About Dubai Design Week:

Held under the dedicated patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA), Dubai Design Week is the region’s largest creative festival, reflecting Dubai’s position as the design capital of the Middle East.

Staged in partnership with Dubai Design District (d3), Dubai Design Week, is a platform for regional design as well as a catalyst for the growth of the creative community in Dubai. The festival’s varied programme consists of design-related events, exhibitions, installations, competitions, talks and workshops across multiple creative disciplines. Key components of Dubai Design Week include the region’s leading fair for high-quality, original design, Downtown Design; Global Grad Show, a year-round programme for graduate students across the world, working on social impact innovation; Abwab, the annually remodelled, interactive platform for creative talent from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia; alongside an extensive, hybrid talks and workshop programme.

Dubai Design Week is owned and managed by the Art Dubai Group, staged in strategic partnership with Dubai Design District (d3), and supported by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and A.R.M. Holding.

Fact Sheet:

Installation: ‘Nebula’ by Vibhor Sogani

Installation details:

Dimension: approx. 3m (diameter) x 1m (height)

Material: Stainless Steel

Event: Dubai Design Week

Date: 9th to 14th November 2020

Address: Dubai Design District (d3), Between Building 5 & 7, Dubai