OxyGarden Launches India’s first Air Sanitizer

OxyGarden Launches India’s first Air Sanitizer

OxyGarden Private Limited has launched FOREST-India’s first Air Sanitizer which purifies and humidifies indoor air naturally.

This patent-pending innovation will be able to solve the problem of ever-increasing levels of indoor air pollution and also increase human longevity by purifying indoor air and pumping in  fresh oxygen  apart  from  acting  as  a  natural  humidifier.  It  also  helps  in  preventing  the spread  of  pathogens  like  viruses  and  bacteria  while  converting  700  litres* of Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide per day, hence reducing your carbon footprint.

Forest has a five-stage air purification system:

  • Firstly,  Removal  of  pollutants  and  creation  of  Oxygen  through  plants  foliage.
  • Secondly, humidification  of  air  through  plants foliage  and  growing  media.
  • Thirdly, Absorption  of pollutants in roots by highly porous growing media. Removal of Formaldehyde, Benzene and Infectious  Substances  like  viruses  and  Bacteria  takes  place  in this  stage.
  • Fourth  stage  is Odour  Removal  through activated  charcoal  in  growing media.
  • The last stage is Removal of PM2.5m  and  PM10  through  Pre-Filters,  HEPA and  activated  carbon  filters,  which  remove any dust or other allergens present.

This  ingenious  innovation  will  clean  air  in  up-to  an  area  of  800  sqft.  With Forest’s inbuilt automated watering system, you do not have to worry about watering the plants. Thanks to its grow light technology and automated fans, it can work 24*7 without sunlight. Despite having so many features, it just consumes less than 30 energy units to operate.

It’s  minimalistic  and  customizable  design  will  allow  it  to blend  in  easily  in  any  interior environment. It is easy to install and use and falls under an affordable annual maintenance plan.

Also,  various  scientific  studies  suggest  that  the recommended ideal relative humidity levels for  building  a  safe  environment  for humans  is  40-60%.  The  product  also  works  on  this principle  and  helps  in  maintaining  the  ideal  humidity  levels  with  the help of  controlled transpiration in plants, innovative patent-pending aerated growing medium and controlled photosynthesis with the help of automated airflow and growing lights.

About  OxyGarden

OxyGarden  is  a  cleantech  start-up  that  builds  air sanitizers and humidifiers for indoor usage. It was launched with a vision to Make Indoor Air Breathable and mission to Mitigate the Impact of Contaminated Indoor Air on Human Health. Its  patent-pending  technology  induces  controlled  photosynthesis  in plants  with  the  help  of automated  airflows and  artificial light sources. It controls the transpiration in plants that are grown  in  an  aerated  medium  consisting  of  activated charcoal,  which makes it much lighter than soil.

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