D’Trove: Connoisseurs and trendsetters of lighting...

D’Trove: Connoisseurs and trendsetters of lighting art in India

D’Trove is a New Media Art Studio that has been pioneering interactive art and lighting concepts in India since its inception. Specialists in designing immersive events and spaces, this studio  (with presence in Delhi and Ahmedabad) integrates light, materials and technology to create interactive experiences and art installations. 

Founded by sisters, Nehal and Nimisha Bothra, D’Trove is a new-age avant-garde design studio that innovates and develops both conceptual and narrative-driven art through the use of lighting technology. 

In a heavily saturated Indian wedding market where ideas and concepts are constantly regurgitated, D’Trove has been a breath of fresh air. For the first time ever, D’Trove has designed and curated a Light and Sound Musical Pheras for a wedding in Balsamand Lake Palace, Jodhpur, comprising a mesmerizing and enchanting display of colourful imagery swaying to the tunes of soothing music. This multi-dimensional display of captivating light was woven around a detailed script where every ritual was explained through storytelling and soulful hymns, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

Along with this magical wedding, the year-old company has also added many feathers to its cap. In early-2020, D’Trove was commissioned by the Government of Rajasthan to create experiential lighting interventions for the biggest annual festival of Jodhpur. As part of this event, they created two experiential tunnels, two interactive installations and also revamped the city’s tallest water tank (height of 140 feet). Having a theme ‘Think Beyond the sky’, the neon mural on the water tank focussed on Northern Lights, the solar system and technological advancements in space, which was the theme of the festival. 

This concept of uniting light and art in the form of lighting technology was brought to life by the spirited sister duo, who are also the founders behind D’ Trove. Aspiring to make D’Trove the foremost design lab of India, the company collaborates with a specialised team of artists and designers that span across the globe, with the singular aim of creating experiences that are clearly distinctive to D’Trove’s vision. 

The name of the company itself is an amalgamation of the letter ‘D’ that stands for Design and Trove that means a collection of delightful experiences. 

Nehal and Nimisha are both art and technology enthusiasts with a flair to travel, explore and create new ideas. Their love and appreciation for art stems from growing up exposed to their family business of Handicrafts – Bothra International, which has its market in over 30 countries. While pursuing their education from UCL, Nehal and Nimisha drew a lot of their inspiration during their abroad travels. Nehal was inspired by the projection mapping on Opera House during the Vivid Sydney Light festival while Nimisha drew inspiration from the lighting shows in Las Vegas and art installations across the globe that were being used as a tool to revitalize and promote the community. In the hope of bringing this unique, magnificent and awe-inspiring concept to the Indian shores and encapsulating the essence and brilliance of lighting art in myriad forms gave birth to D’Trove. 

Elaborating on their future plans, Nehal says “We are also looking at curating some exquisite weddings, and a few unique installations for malls and some corporate houses. We also hope to push the boundaries and promote interdisciplinary collaboration in the domain of fashion, wedding design and museum design.” However, their long term goal is to create Public Space Installations and Experiences, create permanent light and sound shows and become a part of urban planning and development in the country. 

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