Asian Granito India launches a new range in Greste...

Asian Granito India launches a new range in Grestek MarbleX

Synonymous to original Italian Marble, Grestek MarbleX from Asian Granito India Ltd aims to create a style that is artistic yet natural. MarbleX is a perfect fusion of colors, creation. Marblex range is available in 110+ design, 4 large format sizes, and 5 finishes.

Company has recently launched a new range in 800X1600 mm size with 14 unique designs that fits best as per the current trend of the home décor. Big size & Modern Look of AGL MarbleX make them suitable for residential, offices, hotels, malls, airports, etc. Adding precious feel to any surface – AGL MarbleX is an ideal choice for interior and exterior spaces. Thanks to its large format, AGL MarbleX is the perfect for wall & floor solution and the ideal choice for Facades as well. Anti-skid properties along with Mat Finish, Scratch resistance durable body and low water absorption makes it ideal for bathroom, kitchen.

Flexible tile body of AGL MarbleX and slim thickness of 9mm is ideal for quick home renovation as it can be placed on existing old flat floor using tiling adhesive.

  • Superior Features:- Flexible body, Scratch resistance, durable body, low water absorption, frost proof, resistance to wear & tear.
  • Ideal Application: – Residential, Offices, Hotels, Malls, Airports,
  • Elegant Finishes:- Polished, Silk, Matt, Satin Matt, Rocker Rustic.
  • Large Format Size: 1200x2400mm,1200x1800mm, 1200x1200mm and 800x1600mm