Continuity of Life

Croatian photographer and radio-television cameraman Gordan Lederer was killed on 10th of August 1991, by a sniper shot while filming on Čukur hill in Bania region in Croatia. On the 24th anniversary of his death, the Gordan Lederer Memorial by NFO architecture studio and sculptor Petar Bariši was unveiled, which they won in a public competition with a proposal called ‘Broken Landscape’. The memorial consists of an access path and a broken camera lens.

The path, designed as a pathway of Lederer’s life, is encrypted in the concrete slabs laid on the grass. The lens alone, thrown in the grass in front of the plateau, directs visitors a view to the valley looking at “the last shots” that Gordan Lederer took. The glass membrane pierced with a shot from a sniper, stops visitors glance for a moment and confronts them with the reality of events on that location.

At the same time, perfect stainless steel circle suggests the continuity of life, framing a view of the same landscape filmed 24 years ago at the same place. Viewed from the River Una Valley, the Memorial is dematerialised as a sun glint reflected on the broken lens surface.