A Conceptual Introduction…
There is no denying the fact that globalization has been accepted by every country in a big way and is here to stay. So is the case in architecture and design. It is also an accepted fact now, that online digital platforms are the most communicative and responsive modes- whether it be for architecture or then the industry related to it. Yet in the Indian context, there is an online vacuum for focused platforms that act as binders between the two and give exposure to qualitative design and industry progress.


And that is exactly the role of this architecture/design portal. All our social media handles, whether it be this design website, Instagram, Facebook or then LinkedIn,  they are one-tracked to bring excellence in architecture to the forefront. Soon, you would be a part of the launch of our exclusive online e-magazine. It will dwell on sound and core principles of design journalism that would bring to the readers editorial content based on excellence in architecture/design. The 21st century is desperately looking for ideas and innovation to make our habitat healthier and environmentally cleaner for the coming generations. This e-magazine would feature the best in design by architects/interior designers/product designers/allied professionals who are committed and want to creatively contribute to society with vision and rationale. There would also be a print edition of the same.


The industry is anxiously looking for online venues to expose their state-of-the art versatile products in different segments— the audience being architects and the consumers. All our portals are the ideal channels for them to share nationally and internationally, the versatility of the wide range of their contemporary products based on modern trends and society’s demands. The intent is that these professional Indian portals connect business forerunners directly with the right architects and consumers who appreciate style, quality, and functionality.


To provide a rich and appropriate editorial content for professionals, students and the aware citizen, to bring forth engaging tools to connect with research/development in the industry and create an awareness to importance of well-designed spaces and products— these are some of the key goals. So, come join us in this exciting journey choreographed by professionals in the field backed by years of experience and who have made a mark in the professional community and market.


Collectively, let us strive to make our living environs energized by style, productivity, and cheerful aspirations.