Sage Living reveals exclusive Malacca Collection i...

Sage Living reveals exclusive Malacca Collection in tailor-made style

Creating something modern from something traditional has been an inspiration behind Hyderabad-based first design house, Sage Living. Presenting a distinctive collection of exemplary furniture and luxury home décor, Sage Living emphasizes upon precision, personality and prominence. Every exquisite design, ranging from mirrors and coffee tables to lamps and chandeliers, within their vivid portfolio are handcrafted with fine detail. With a single product you can transform a simple room into a personalized space with a modern vibe.

This month, Sage Living unveiled a collection of exclusive furniture that employs a diverse material palette and impresses with distinctive accents through their Malacca Collection. The designs are an experiment of unique material combinations and showcase Sage Living’s master workmanship. From a traditional hand woven rattan in a modern metal frame enhanced with leather, glass and brass trims treated with the best techniques by traditional craftsmen to ensure luxurious finishing, exceptional resistance and to highlight the smallest details of the artisan.

Reimagining the home space, the Malacca Collection revisits traditional styles with a modernist’s eye. For instance the Malacca table playfully juxtaposes traditional rattan weaving on a glass top and sliced strips of brass within a durable metal frame. The collection has Victorian-inspired furnishings that have been infused with soft contemporary lines and neutral tones. Take note of the chic zebra print cushions. The natural woven cane bed with a rounded metal silhouette gets signature precedence in the collection. The handcrafted Swirl dining table in solid wood  with subtle natural finish stands out for its mid-century grace.

“The Malacca Collection is defined by its cutting-edge contemporary designs, a mix of contrasting materials and use of age-old techniques. Drawing inspiration from various cultures, some pieces will take you on a journey to the Victorian era, while others will lend your space an Asian embrace,” says Keerthi Tummala, Founder and Creative head of Sage Living.

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About the Brand – Sage Living

Sage Living, Founded by Keerti Tummala opened doors in 2018 in Hyderabad  as a design-first house of decor and furniture with an unrelenting focus on holistic design.

Drawing from a range of creative influences — both global and local — they fashion products that speak for themselves as much as they do for you. The company makes this possible through design that blends traditional techniques of craftsmanship with internationally inspired aesthetics to create pieces that not only captivate, but also endure.

As they see it, that the end must always tell the story of its means: Diverse and quality products must come from diverse and quality processes. Sage Makes In India entirely to bolster the potential of homegrown artisanship with the prowess of global manufacturing to create products that consistently push all known boundaries. They work with a diverse group of craftsmen to manufacture their lighting and furniture products, allowing them to benefit from their multiple perspectives.

Designed for today, but inspired by tomorrow and yesterday, Sage Living creates furniture and home decor that elevate every moment with their presence. The unique stories they tell will only add to yours — crafting an air of unmatched sophistication. Obsessed with detail, possessed by inspiration, Sage makes products with a character that can never be manufactured.

In the spirit of the Make in India initiative, Sage Living collaborates with multiple Indian producers and hones a design first approach that brings furniture, lighting, mirrors, home décor to retailers, online stores, hospitality and other sectors across the globe. They make it entirely in India to stay rooted to homegrown talent and artistry while maintaining a global style and aesthetic outlook.

The truth to great design is honesty: honest to the craft, honest to the material, and honest to your taste. We invest time and thought into the design language every product embodies to create pieces that always stay true to themselves. Our minimalistic product designs complement every material’s innate beauty and allow them to stand out freely without overpowering one another. This helps us craft pieces that have character and an innate, immovable elegance. Shares Keerti Tummala , Founder and Creative Head – Sage Living.

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