Ludovica Mascheroni’s Christmas design: the ...

Ludovica Mascheroni’s Christmas design: the Perpetual tray, inspired by a clock face

For Ludovica Mascheroni, Italian company specialized in luxury furniture and high-end interior design, nothing is ever left to chance. Every object, every furniture is studied in the smallest details. The goal is the stylistic perfection, the maximum expression of a production of excellence, the harmony between materials of great value and aesthetic codes that are never banal.

The Perpetual tray is a proof of all this: a beautiful and original octagonal tray that reproduces the typical design of a clock face. Made with a wooden frame decorated with 8 screws and with an internal plate in milled satin brass with a golden effect, protected by a tempered glass, just like a clock face.

A design gift to put under the Christmas Tree to show the person who receives it a feeling of perpetual love, as well as it is perpetual the beauty of a unique, elegant and special design object, made in Italy by skilled artisan hands.

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