Earthy Elements

Project: John & Jacobs, Khan Market, New Delhi

Architects: Chromed Design Studio, New Delhi

Building a retail space is different from building an office building and is all the more challenging. A store layout has to be done right since it influences a customer’s behaviour and is a key strategy to a store’s prosperity. The design brief from the client called for a strategy that would target customers across all segments and showcase a range of products in separate categories in a luxurious setting, while also being subtle in display. The design of the store is minimalistic, practical and luxurious, where an unconventional approach to retail design has been adopted.

It is the first retail store for John & Jacobs, with the display styled in a 30-60 degree angle for a complete visual experience right from the entry. The concept was to have a seamless display with fi ns creating a barrier-free envelope till the ceiling. This project has an efficient space planning and style which the brand values. The planning was linear and put to best use with seamless wooden wardrobe display in a 30-60 angular planning.

The intent was to have an easy flowing space of fashion and luxury; starting with all types of displayed products and then leading further to the eye-testing space and cashier on the right. The ceiling is also projected in levels which create an illusion of space and the raw Burch polish all throughout keeps the industrial look and feel intact. Defined by a monochromatic palette and an earthy colour scheme, the entire setting is a contemporary juxtaposition of customised fixtures and displays. Natural material palette is adhered to.

The overall look is rustic in contrasting shades of earthy brown with wood being extensively used. Based on the style of new editions of sunglasses, the theme of pods and elements around are put forward. Break out elements include green pods and bull horns. Show window is clear, artistic and minimal, holding the logo as a door knob. Lighting here has a dramatic impact on the space. It is functional and also complements the merchandise as well as emphasises key points throughout the store. The entire store has an industrial look with metal based paint. The outlet has a reflective design, and mirror is used to accentuate illusion of a larger space and for functional usage. Attention to detailing further enhances the overall design.

Fact File

Client: Lenskart

Design team: Abhigyan Neogi, Karan Saharan, Kanika Suri

Contractor: Builtkraft India

Built-up area: 1200sq ft

Cost of project: Rs 30 lakhs

Year of completion: 2015